Interview with

Anthony Geoffroy

Welcome to Talking With The Pro’s, please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from and how you got started in the industry?

Hello everyone, Well I am French, I am 28 years old and I am self- taught with regard to drawing. I have been drawing since I was a kid and professionally since 2005. I managed to expand my portfolio and have interesting references such as Disneyland Paris, Renault F1, Citroen racing, Gilette Fusion, and several publishing houses …

Your caricatures are simply amazing, how did you become so good at this style? what inspired you to start drawing them?

My first shock was to discover artistic caricature of the jean Mulatier. I must have been around 12/13 years old and I was fully appreciative of the strokes. It was funny, like to be completely distorted. It made me want to try my hand at this exercise. Then much later I discovered the work of Sebastian Krüger who has been a revelation and a different approach to caricature. I really observed their working method and strength exercises and after several years I have managed to obtain a satisfactory result and a Personal Style.

What tools do you use for your illustrations

I draw everything by hand with a pencil and once I am satisfied with my sketch I scan and attack the design clean and then color it using Photoshop.

How long does an average piece take you to complete?

It depends on the character of the research photos, the environment in which I will integrate, if I do that the face or body … it’s short, it can take a day Demin like a week .. .

Can you give us a brief overview on the process it takes you to do a piece?

For the caricature, I always draws with multiple photos, even screenshot video, I make a synthesis of all the elements and I draw on elements of several photos. For the expression and precise visual I
have in mind. I sketch a design first. Then I rework by exaggerating certain lines. I can do 10 designs before getting the right result for me. Once approved the sketch (the hardest), I spend the coloring on photoshop.
I take my time to work out the details.

Do you currently work for yourself or an agency?

Both! I work for those who need an illustration or design (agency, publishing, advertising …) And when I have time I work for myself.

Have you always been an artistic person? Or was it something you realized you love doing later on in life?

I’ve always drawn but I did not do my job when I was younger. We’ve often made it clear that “it was not a trade” but “a hobby”. This time was completely stupid and people can sometimes put a spoke in the wheels. I became indépandant by combination of circumstances and now I do not regret the life choices! It’s great to live what you love. I did not see the caricature but the illustration and logo design and corporate identity. I happened to have some control to the caricature but it is a specific art which have unfortunately not bet fair value.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I do not know “where I would” see me but I hope I have left my big project I’m currently working on the theme of the cartoon. Bring a new approach to the art and provide a new medium original.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, any final words for our readers?

Thank you for reading this far and if by chance you like my work feel free to follow me on my facebook page​ges/Anthony-Geoffroy/60483​347017 if have more “I like”, I’ll have more
chance of my power will builds project to the editors :-)

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