Interview with

Kevin Roodhorst

Could you please give us a brief background from where you’re from and how you got started in the industry?

My name is Kevin Roodhorst. I am a 20-year-old graphic designer/digital artist from The Netherlands. I have got six years of experience and started to work as a freelancer three years ago. My specialty is making promotional material like flyers, posters and banners. I have already done promotional work for 24 different night clubs. I also took part in creating labels for tobacco and drink companies. In my spare time I am making personal projects and searching for more inspiration. Another hobby of mine is photography. I like to make photos of textures and other elements that I think I can use for my projects. I am currently studying graphic design in Amsterdam. When I am finished with school I want to work for an advertising agency. My work is published in 8 design magazines in countries such as: The Netherlands, England, France, Germany and Russia. My work is also featured on a lot of design websites/blogs. I also have my own online store where you can buy my work in different poster sizes.

Are you currently working for an agency or for yourself? Why did you choose this path?

I’m now working as a freelancer for 3 years. Why? Because I’m still at school and that’s difficult to combine with an agency. But when I finished my education I want to work for an advertising agency.

Your work is always mint and amazing, how did you become this good at Photoshop, what where your techniques to keep improving?

I have a lot of motivation to get better and better. I keep practicing and evolving myself. I always try to learn new techniques and also combine new things into my work.

How long does an average piece take you to complete? and when do you tell yourself this piece is all finished?

The time to complete a project is slightly different for each project. Some projects take me 10 hours and some more then 24 (separated over a week). I never complete a project in one day, because it’s good to give your eyes some rest. It’s good to close your project for a moment and look at it again, you will notice things you didn’t notice before.

Can you give us a brief overview on the process it takes you to do a piece?

The first thing I need to start a new project is inspiration. When I have inspiration for a concept I search for stock photos I think I’ll use for this project. Then I cutout the objects and play around, I experiment a lot with this. When I’ve created something I’m happy with I start to add shadows, highlights and other effects. And the last step is adding a title to your work. (this is basically how it works).

What areas of the digital artwork would you say is your weakness?

Playing/combining with bright colors, I always match colors (you notice when viewing my work). I also pay a lot of attention to composition. I have some problems with try other things with composition.

Besides Photoshop, which software do you use for your art?

I also use cinema 4d and illustrator.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself working at a advertising agency 4 days a week. And the remaining days freelancing.

What would be your dream project to work on?

That’s an assignment from nike, discovery, samsung etc.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, any final words for our readers?

Thanks a lot for this opportunity, If you want to achieve something, keep practicing a lot and don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal.

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