Interview with

Kherbachi Hichem

Hello Hichem, Thank you for joining us on Talking With The Pros, can you please gives us an introduction about yourself and how you got started in the design industry?

Hello my name is Kherbachi Hichem. 20 years old graphic designer/digital artist from Algeria . I have got 2 years and half of experience and started to work as a graphic designer at agency advertising JWT since one year and half where i got to work with many companies ,my specialty is making images production retouching photo manipulation, i have already work as a freelancer for an agency from new york and many clients , in my free time i do a lot of my own personal work and looking for more inspiration to improve , my work is published in many websites and blogs.

How is the design community in Algeria? do you find culture plays a role in the design trends?

The design is universal, i think it depends of your own inspiration and your mood … but the culture can affect you and your work but not that much

What is your favorite piece you have made to date? and why?

My favorite piece is “AXE and skynet” cause it takes me time and i’ve done a lot of details

Can you give us a brief walk-through of your process?

At first , i put in my mind the schedule of what my work will look and then when i start working i can make some changes and have more ideas to perform and ameliorate my work.

What are your favorite website/blogs you like to visit everyday?

I’ve not a favorite website I like to see a lot of various sites and forums about graphic and take inspiration from others artists.

What would you say you like most about your job? And whets the least thing you like?

It’s a freestyle job … you can make your own ideas using your inspiration and when the work is done you can enjoy it because it’s your personnel job , the least thing i like is the time spent in my office i think i should work more cause it’s a very interesting job and i’m passionate about it .

What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses as a digital artists?

I always do my best i can’t judge my self you have to see my work and you’ll give me your opinion.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If i keep my motivation high and keep on working tough i will work in a bigger agency and why not maybe i’ll make my own business.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you, do you have any final words for our readers?

Thanks a lot for this opportunity and keep practicing don’t give up always work hard the more you practice the more you’ll improve.