Interview with

Mancini Luigi

Please let us know a bit about yourself, where your from and how you got started in this field?

Hi I’m Mancini Luigi and first of all let me thank you for this opportunity. I’m 22 years old and I’m from southern Italy. I started to create images among three years ago, I was developing my first blog and I needed some particular images to improve my communication, so I started to do it myself. My first works were some little and simple photo manipulations., everything can help me to let visible what I have inside From that day I’ve tried a lot of styles because I get bored very quickly. Nowadays art is a part of me, a way to communicate what’s deeply inside this whole of bones and muscles and a way to distinguish from the common people.

2. What is your normal work day like when starting a new piece?

I’m very confusing. That’s all I can say

3. What would you say you like most about your job? And whets the least thing you like?

I’m a freelance graphic so there are a very few thing that I don’t like. I surely have some problems with deadlines and restrictions, I hate to work with limitations to my creativity because I think that the process of creation is something like an explosion or a splash, the ideas come out from the brain as they are, instead of I love the opportunity to express and leave a little mark in the world. I’ve seen people store tickets of a party made by me or use my works to express their feelings with their girlfriend and that gave me a great sense of happiness.

4. Whets the average time you spend on one of your art pieces?

Maybe four or five days because most of the time I spend three house per day. It also depends on how the works catches me as well as its difficulty. For example “Pixelate your fantasy” took me over a month and for “Afterbirth” I’ve spent an evening. Every work has its proper time of birth

5. How do you know when you are completely done a piece?

This is a great question because I never know that I work is finished, I spend a lot of time looking at the canvas and searching what can I change or improve. Most of the artists have the problem of the white canvas but I’ve the opposite one. So many times I’ve opened some old works an fixed it with my new techniques

5. What goals do you have set that you would like to accomplish in the near future?

I’m really egocentric so my biggest goal is popularity, I love to express my thoughts to a large amount of people and be recognized in the artistic field. I want also to improve my techniques in drawings and illustrations because I have a lot of ideas that I can’t realize because of some my limitations.

6. What programs do you use in your designs?

I mostly use Photoshop and Cinema 4D but sometimes I use Illustrator an Apophysis because I really love fractals and their atmosphere, there is something magic in it

7. How do you improve your work and technique?

I simply apply myself in every work so my knowledge about graphic grows everyday because application is the way to perfection and the best way to learn everything. For example I can explain to someone how to remove the clouds from a photo but the only way to learn it is to do it yourself many times.
However sometimes I ask some opinions to my friends and they give me some tips to improve the work

8. I realize you use Cinema 4d in some of your designs, Do you think its becoming a necessity for designers to learn 3d nowadays? And how did you begin learning 3d?

For me every young artist has to learn something about different techniques and softwares, graphic is the land where photography, digital art and drawings come together so if you want to improve your art you have to use all of this “tools”. Sometimes you can not make your ideas come true only with stock photos so 3D, for example, can help you.

9. What are your favourite website/blogs you like to visit everyday?

I’ve not a favourite website that I visit constantly even in graphic, I like to see a lot of various sites and forums about graphic and take inspiration from other artists. I like also to see a lot of other sites about politics, music, actuality, science and so on because my ideas are born from what we see and feel inside and outside my house. I let the world come in my head and I simply mix everything.

10. You have many amazing pieces, is there one you would say you are proud of most? And why?

Thanks for the compliments. Maybe my favourite piece is “Near far world”. It is dedicate to my ex girlfriend Elena and represents how the connection and the feelings can win over the distance (she lives in northern Italy), the hand seems aiding its “world” and the world is like a bulb that gives light to the hand, but you can notice that they look good even separate but together are more beautiful, maybe I wasn’t right.

11. Thank you very much for your time Mr. Mancini Luigi, any final thoughts for our readers?

There is more than one thing to say but I think that the best thing to do is to cultivate many interests out of the graphic an let them come in your works.
Have a nice day

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